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Australian Newspaper Headlines for 9 June 2013

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Sun Herald (Australia) Newspaper Front Page for 9 June 2013
6/9/2013: FRONT PAGE: Gillard poll-axed Only Rudd could save ministers Garrett, Clare, Emerson

Labor’s electoral fortunes would be transformed if the party ditched Julia Gillard and brought back Kevin Rudd as prime minister, according to an exclusive Sun-Herald poll. Under Mr Rudd, Labor would attract almost 7 per cent more votes on a...

Sunday Age (Australia) Newspaper Front Page for 9 June 2013
6/9/2013: FRONT PAGE: Mourners traumatised after corpse e5plodes

No amount of air freshener could hide the stench of death. In the heat of late January, a corpse exploded in a crypt at Preston mausoleum in Melbourne’s north, oozing fluids through an inadequate seal and down the granite faces of the vaults...

Sunday Mail (Australia) Newspaper Front Page for 9 June 2013
6/9/2013: FRONT PAGE: Kev carpet bombs the nation to revive Labor hopes THE RUDD BARON

KEVIN Rudd will escalate his political carpet bombing of Labor seats as he battles to save the party from an election crash and burn. While other Labor MPs appear to be in retreat, Mr Rudd will this week surge his air and ground attack on Tony Abbott...

Sunday Telegraph (Australia) Newspaper Front Page for 9 June 2013
6/9/2013: PAGE 5 PAGE 9 & 106 PAGE 51 PAGE 5: Betty who?


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