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Newspaper Headlines for 15 March 2019

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Daily Express () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019
3/15/2019: Front Page: FREE £1 WALK-IN BET with at Cheltenham

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Daily Mail () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019
LORD Steel was last night suspended by the Liberal Democrats after admitting he knew about the crimes of serial paedophile MP Cyril Smith. The former Liberal leader said the sexual predator confessed to him – but admitted he took no action. In...

Daily Mirror () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019

Daily Star () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019

® SHAMED Celebrity Big Bruv contestant Roxanne Pallett finally broke her silence last night... to defend suspected paedophile

London Evening Standard () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019

THERESA MAY was clinging to office but no longer calling the shots today as MPs moved to strip her of control ove r B rex i t in landmark votes tonight. The Prime Minister was forced this morning to concede another free vote, this time on a delay to...

The Daily Telegraph () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019
3/15/2019: Front page: One last roll of the dice

THERESA MAY will hold a third “meaningful vote” on Brexit after MPS authorised her to ask for a lengthy delay if a deal has not been agreed by next Wednesday. Huge pressure is now being put on the DUP and Conservative Brexiteers to fall in behind the...

The Guardian () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019
3/15/2019: Front Page: One soldier to face trial over Bloody Sunday

Only one former British paratrooper is to be charged in connection with the killings of civil rights demonstrators on Bloody Sunday, prompting dismay and calls for accountability from families who lost loved ones 47 years ago. Prosecutors announced...

The Independent () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019
3/15/2019: Front Page: Cabinet at breaking point
The unity of Theresa May’s cabinet has publicly crumbled after eight of her most senior ministers voted against her plan to delay Brexit by three months. Those who refused to back the prime minister’s proposal included her own Brexit secretary Stephen...

The Scotsman () Newspaper Front Page for 15 March 2019
3/15/2019: Front Page: Tory divisions growing as MPS vote for Brexit delay
Brussels opened the door to the UK staying in the EU for another two years as MPS gave their approval for Brexit to be delayed last night. The House of Commons also rejected a second EU referendum by a wide margin in the first vote on the issue, with...

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