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Newspaper Headlines for 29 March 2019

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Daily Express () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019
3/29/2019: News: Soldiers storm tanker in migrant hijack

HEAVILY-ARMED Maltese special forces were called to storm a tanker hijacked by migrants this week. The Elhiblu 1 was in the Mediterranean when it stopped to pick up 108 asylum seekers, who seized the vessel after the captain said he would take them...

Daily Mail () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019
3/29/2019: Front Page: ONE LAST CHANCE

THERESA May will challenge MPs to finally back Brexit this afternoon – on the day Britain was supposed to leave the EU. In a high- stakes gamble, Mrs May will throw down the gauntlet to Labour and her own Eurosceptic MPs, amid fears that she risks a...

Daily Mirror () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019

Daily Star () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019

London Evening Standard () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019
BORIS JOHNSON has branded Theresa May’s Brexit deal “dead” amid calls for the Prime Minister to honour her commitment to step down even if Parliament rejects her blueprint again. A ministerial source said Mrs May is determined to put the twice-rejected...

The Daily Telegraph () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019
3/29/2019: Front Page: The day of reckoning

THERESA MAY faces a day of reckoning today as she tables a last-ditch vote on her Brexit deal despite warnings from her closest aides and ministers that she is destined for yet another defeat. The Prime Minister has promised to resign if she gets her...

The Guardian () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019
3/29/2019: FRONT PAGE: May tries to buy time as ministers say: go now
Theresa May will put only half of her Brexit deal to a vote today, in a final desperate attempt to secure MPs’ support, as senior cabinet ministers made clear she must leave No 10 very soon whatever happens. On the day Britain was originally meant to...

The Independent () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019
3/29/2019: Front Page: May’s final roll of the dice
Theresa May will today take one final shot at pushing her Brexit plans through the Commons as she tries to avoid a major delay to Britain’s departure from the European Union. But MPs will be able to vote only on the withdrawal agreement rather than the...

The Scotsman () Newspaper Front Page for 29 March 2019
3/29/2019: Front Page: ‘I once imagined myself here indefinitely, doing the ordinary things of life: building a career, buying a house, starting a family, even becoming a British citizen. The past three years have felt like a long, slow goodbye to the possibility of those thing

I’ve thought a lot about this piece, because this is Brexit day. Of course, it isn’t anymore, but for nearly two years, it was – so I’ve had months to wonder what my thoughts would be on 29 March. The name gives it away – I’m not from around here. And...

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