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Newspaper Headlines for 4 December 2019

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Daily Express () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019

DONALDTrump has dismissed Labour’s General Election claim that a US-UK trade deal would threaten the NHS. The US President was adamant he wanted “nothing to do” with Britain’s health service, adding: “We wouldn’t want to, if you handed it to us on a...

Daily Mail () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019
12/4/2019: Front Page: DEADLY GAMBLE ON OUR HEALTH
THe aggressive promotion of online betting has helped turn half the population into gamblers, a report warned last night. Campaigners said the epidemic risked the health of a generation of young people. Two thirds of men aged 25 to 34 gambled last...

Daily Mirror () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019

Daily Star () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019

ARGOS customers face Christmas misery after UPS drivers voted to strike. The 16-day action over pay start from December 16. Unite, Britain ’s largest union, said its members at Barton, Staffs, had been “treated with contempt”. UPS said it will put...

London Evening Standard () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019
DONALD TRUMP waded into the general election today by praising Boris Johnson, backing Brexit and flatly dismissing Labour’s claim that the NHS would be on the table during talks on a US-UK trade deal. The US President insisted he would “stay out” of...

The Daily Telegraph () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019
12/4/2019: Front page: We have no interest in the NHS, says Trump

DONALD TRUMP said he wanted “nothing to do” with the NHS as he dismissed claims by Labour that the health service could be for sale in a post-brexit trade deal. The US president said the NHS would not be on the table during USUK trade talks even if...

The Guardian () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019
12/4/2019: Front Page: Corbyn ups pressure over NHS as Trump rows back

Jeremy Corbyn last night sought to pile pressure on the Conservative party over the status of the NHS in any future trade deal with the US, as Donald Trump arrived in London just over a week from polling day. Despite the American president insisting...

The Independent () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019
12/4/2019: Front Page: Johnson to risk trade war with Trump over tech tax

Boris Johnson last night risked clashing with Donald Trump over trade during the president’s visit to London by insisting he will press ahead with a new tax on US tech giants. The prime minister suggested he “deplores” Washington’s retaliatory action...

The Scotsman () Newspaper Front Page for 4 December 2019
12/4/2019: FRONT PAGE: Trump vows to stay out of election

Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrive at Clarence House to meet the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall ahead of today’s Nato summit.

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