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Newspaper Headlines for 12 December 2019

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Daily Express () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019
12/12/2019: Front Page: BRE IT AND BRITAIN IN YOUR HANDS

TODAY the country has the opportunity to give a great Prime Minister the power he needs to deliver Brexit and unlock an exciting future for your family and coming generations. This is a truly pivotal election. Britain has the chance to escape the...

Daily Mail () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019
12/12/2019: Front Page: BORIS

WHATEVER else the experts have predicted for today, one thing is certain: it’s going to be cold, windy and damp – and dark by mid-afternoon. But with this vote on a knife- edge, the Mail urges every reader to resist the temptation to stay at home in...

Daily Mirror () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019

Daily Star () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019

London Evening Standard () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019
12/11/2019: Front Page: BORIS: IT COULDN’T BE ANY TIGHTER

BORIS JOHNSON today said the election battle “could not be tighter” as the three main party leaders staged a frantic dash around marginal seats on an ill-tempered and fractious final day of campaigning. With polls showing the race narrowing — and the...

The Daily Telegraph () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019
12/12/2019: Front page: Election on knife edge as Tory lead narrows

BORIS Johnson last night warned that today’s general election was “on a knife edge” as the final Daily Telegraph poll for the campaign showed the Conservative lead was down to just 5 per cent. With the result “too close to call”, the exclusive Savanta...

The Guardian () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019
12/12/2019: Front Page: Corbyn urges voters to deliver ‘shock to the establishment’

Jeremy Corbyn urged Britain to “shock the establishment” and “vote for hope” last night, while Boris Johnson pleaded with voters to back him and settle the issue of Brexit before Christmas, at the conclusion of a bruising election campaign. Both...

The Independent () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019
12/12/2019: Front Page: Get Brexit done? EU negotiator says deal impossible by 2021

Brexit trade negotiations cannot be finished in the timeframe claimed by Boris Johnson, the EU’s chief negotiator has privately admitted – blowing a hole in the prime minister’s big election promise to “get Brexit done”. In a leaked recording obtained...

The Scotsman () Newspaper Front Page for 12 December 2019
12/12/2019: NEWS DIGEST: Second boy charged over fire
A second boy has been charged in connection with a fire at a secondary school in the Scottish Borders. Pupils and staff were evacuated after the fire broke out at Peebles High School on 28 November, with up to 70 firefighters on site at the height of...

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