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Newspaper Headlines for 7 March 2022

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Daily Mail () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022
VLADIMIR Putin’s ‘decimated’ forces could lose the war in Ukraine, the UK’s top military commander has suggested. Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said Russia’s troops were ‘in a mess’ and the invasion was ‘not going well’. His comments yesterday represent...

The Guardian () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022
3/7/2022: Front Page: Plea for safe passage after second ceasefire disaster
Emmanuel Macron yesterday implored Vladimir Putin to let civilians flee Ukraine’s besieged cities during a marathon call as a second attempt to evacuate Mariupol ended under Russia bombardment. It had been hoped that 200,000 of the 430,000 residents...

The Independent () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022
3/6/2022: Front Page: Putin: Western sanctions akin to declaration of war
Vladimir Putin said western sanctions were akin to a declaration of war as he attacked the west for the restrictions it has imposed on the Russian economy. Moscow was also censured yesterday for the collapse of a ceasefire designed to allow civilians...

Daily Express () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022

INNOCENT Ukrainians were blood yesterday as Vladimir cruelly targeted families using with shelling and missiles. Russian troops broke a ceasefire as they homed in on civilians fleeing an underfire Kyiv suburb – killing three members of the same...

Daily Star () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022
3/7/2022: FRONT PAGE: Hero Warnie died after extreme liquid diet
SHANE Warne endured an extreme liquid detox diet before he died. The cricket legend, 52, suffered a heart attack during what he called “Operation Shred”, a mission to regain his younger physique.

The Daily Telegraph () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022
3/7/2022: Front Page: The shell exploded like a thunderbolt – the family did not stand a chance

On the safer side of town, a long line of yellow buses were waiting, ready to give evacuees food, medicine and a ride away from the battlefield. Every so often, a battered white minibus would drop off a new batch of arrivals, most looking white-faced,...

Daily Mirror () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022

London Evening Standard () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022
3/2/2022: News War In Ukraine: Race to flee Kyiv amid fears of Russian carpet bombing

THOUSANDS of terrified people were seeking to flee Kyiv today amid fears Vladimir Putin will “carpet bomb” Ukraine’s capital as his troops suffer “significant losses” in his blundering invasion plan. Air raid sirens sounded overnight as the city was...

Daily Record () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022
THE UK Government was last night branded “inhumane” for only granting 50 visas to Ukrainian war refugees. Hundreds with family in the UK are waiting across the Channel in Calais. French politician Gerald Darmanin told Home Secretary Priti Patel to...

The Herald () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022

Financial Times () Newspaper Front Page for 7 March 2022

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